The Real Estate Update

Are you thinking about “rent-to-own” for your next home? How healthy is your market? + NYC real estate tips for 2016, and more real estate news and information including today’s mortgage rates. 

A new option is emerging as an avenue for consumers to live in the home they want and save money to buy it at the same time – rent-to-own. Housing Wire

When it comes time to tell sell your home, how fast it goes could vary wildly based on your area code. Bloomberg

New York City real estate continues to sell for astronomical prices, but there are signs the market is heading back toward earth. The New York Times

When we talk about a city’s cost of living, we don’t mean food, transportation or clothing, which cost about the same everywhere. We mean housing. CNBC

Will mortgage lenders finance furnishings when buyers want the house and all the stuff inside? WSJ

NYC: Tips for buying or renting a home in 2016. amNewYork

Will New York’s white hot real estate market fizzle in 2016? Forbes

New population patterns, lending practices, and housing preferences change the rules for buyers, sellers, renters, and remodelers. Consumer Reports

Today’s Mortgage Rates.

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